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Repurpose On Purpose

Do you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of meeting your content creation obligations every week?  Does it sometimes feel like you’re slogging away but speaking into a void?  

Well, it’s time to forget about working harder and start working smarter, and that’s where clever content repurposing comes in.

If you think repurposing is lazy and ineffective, you’re thinking spam.  

Repurposing isn’t about spamming the same content with a few words switched out; it’s about having a content strategy that maximizes the mileage you get from one piece of content and making sure it reaches a wide audience that consumes content in many different ways.

Why you should be repurposing your content every week

Imagine buying a brand new outfit for every single activity in your life:  Before every gym visit, after every shower, every time you go into the office, visit family, go to bed…

Pretty soon, you’d be broke, not least from the storage fees for all those clothes.  Even worse, no one would appreciate the fabulous styles you put together because you weren’t in them long enough for anyone to get a good look.

If you’re spending hours on content creation for every platform, every single day, it’s the same thing.  You’re wasting time and energy on content that only gets used once, doesn’t get seen by most people, and then gets retired minutes later.  

If you’re as smart about content creation as we assume you are about getting dressed every day, you should be repurposing your content and making the most of your time and creativity.

We teach our clients to create once, then repurpose at least twice. 

Ultimately, repurposing content builds brands more quickly, engages audiences faster, and saves precious time.  What’s not to love?

How content repurposing increases your visibility and likeability 

Forgive us for stretching out the new clothes analogy, but we bet you have a style.  You know what looks good on your body, what works for your lifestyle, and over time you’ve curated a cohesive closet that so you.

Repurposing content allows you to build a content closet that represents your brand clearly and powerfully. 

Your perfect customer becomes familiar with your style and values when you repurpose. When it resonates with them or solves a problem for them, you build up the like and trust factors of successful content marketing.

The key is to be deliberate about repurposing.  

Here goes the analogy again:  Let’s say you have an amazing pair of pants.  How many different ways could you switch up those pants for a party, a day at the beach, or walking the dog?  Same great pants but several different audiences and purposes.

Those pants will be admired and recognized wherever you go but by entirely different people:  Dog walkers, party people, and sun-worshippers.  

That’s the power of repurposing.  One great piece of content is delivered to different audiences in different ways, maximizing your brand’s reach and building the know, like, and trust factors.

What makes great content to repurpose

The best content to repurpose starts with the type that represents your brand.  Most commonly, it’s a video, a podcast, or a blog post.  

Make it really valuable, packed with information and detail so that viewers, listeners, or readers benefit from the time they’ve given up for you.

Next, take that content and turn it into social media posts, short videos, stories, Facebook Lives, or other content types that match your platforms.  Keep the style and tone on-brand so your messaging is cohesive and consistent no matter where people find you.

For example, let’s say you post a video on YouTube of a really in-depth look at the problem your product or service solves.  Your YouTube script is straightforward to turn into a blog post that would appeal to people researching that issue online.

As an expert in your field, that YouTube video could be the perfect basis for a LinkedIn article to reach other industry professionals. You could take powerful quotes from the video and turn them into eye-catching Instagram stories that are instantly shareable.

Then how about hosting a live Q&A for potential customers to ask questions about your video?  They will get great value from their interaction with you, but they’ll get to make a personal connection with your brand.

Lots of content across several platforms, and it all started with one video.

That’s the power of repurposing on purpose. 

Interested in discovering how you can create a content repurposing strategy that creates MASSIVE VISIBILITY with your perfect customer in just ONE hour a month?

We’ve got you.

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