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5 Common Mistakes in Content Creation

Creating content will grow your business. Period. 

It’s the best way to reach your ideal clients and is what will grow your business.  

Oftentimes entrepreneurs forget that content is e-mails, blog posts, social media, video, stories, reels.  Really, it’s anytime you are communicating about your business.  That’s content.  But your content must be relevant and valuable, so you can find new customers so much easier.

Unfortunately, because there are so many different tactics and ways to communicate with your audience, it’s likely that you might be doing something that isn’t actually reaching your target audience. It’s essential to find and correct these issues because your ideal customers might not be interested in your products or services any longer if not.

Mistakes are a part of life and a part of fine-tuning your marketing strategy. Learning from those mistakes and finding ways to improve or make your content better than it was before will result in better results! In this post, we’ll discuss five common mistakes in the content creation process, as well as how to fix them so you can produce excellent results!

  1. Not Tracking Analytics on Your Content

Y’all know how I love my numbers!

Analytics are important because they help you know what’s working and what’s not. If you know what content your audience is responding to, then you know what to create more of! Analytics help you identify which channels have the most potential for success in reaching your target audience. Should you spend more time on Instagram or Facebook?  Analytics can tell you that.

One way to track this information is with Google Analytics. You can track where people are coming from and how long they spend on each page of your content. You can even track which pages convert the most readers or get the most views. 

If you aren’t ready for the world of GA, start with looking at the analytics native in the Facebook or Instagram app. 

2. Posting Content Isn’t Relevant for Your Audience

It’s essential to make sure that any content you post is relevant to your audience, not something that only you find interesting. When you’re not paying attention to what your audience needs from you, you’re going to miss out on attracting the right clients. 

I talk a lot about this in the Content Simplified Academy.  Knowing the ONE person you are talking to is so important when creating content.  And it will make it a million times easier to create content too. 

For example, maybe your target audience prefers to watch videos instead of reading lengthy text. In that case, writing multiple in-depth blog posts will not attract the attention you’re looking for.

To find out what works for your audience, you should try to create a variety of formats so that you can see what resonates the most with your audience or do extensive market research to find out the answers before posting any information on your website or social media.

When you do this, not only will they find it more valuable, but they’re also more likely to share with their friends or other social media followers who might be interested in the topic as well!

3. Choosing The Wrong Distribution Channel

You might have a ton of content that you want to share with your audience, but it’s essential to make sure the proper channels are in place. For example, if you’re posting your content on Facebook every day, but your audience is on TikTok, you’re not going to attract the attention you were hoping to get.

When you’re setting up your content creation strategy, you need to plan how you want to distribute your information with readers. Whether this is through e-mail marketing, social media, or paid advertisements, you’ll want to have a strategy to make sure that your content is getting the attention it deserves. For example, when you post a new blog article on Monday, you’ll also send it in your weekly newsletter and promote it on your Instagram stories.

Your distribution plan doesn’t need to be complicated. It just needs to reach your audience and gain the traction you need.  

This is also where Content Repurposing comes in.  It helps you get your content to the right channel and audience faster.

4. Forgetting To Include A Call To Action

Regardless of your business, your content must include some call to action. Whether this is asking readers to hit the subscribe button for updates on new posts or letting them know how they can purchase your products, including an opportunity at the end of each blog or video will make sure you don’t leave anything out and encourage further interaction from your potential client!

Including a CTA in every piece of content doesn’t have to be annoying– there are plenty of ways you can do it without being too pushy. One way is by just asking people if they want more information about specific topics related to what was written in the post so that readers get the chance to decide and not feel pushed into making decisions! 

Or another idea would be reminding them about your social media profiles, so they can follow you or give them a link to buy the products that are mentioned in the post.

5. Not Posting Enough Content

Are you posting once a month and wondering why your content isn’t receiving the attention you think it deserves? Chances are, you need to be posting more frequently. 

Your audience wants to hear from you and be a part of your community. However, if you only show up sporadically, it’s hard to find consistency with your followers.

The best way to fix this is by scheduling your social media posts and writing content ahead of time so that you can have consistent content published without having to invest hours into it every day. 

Put a time in your calendar right now so you spend time with your content every single week. 

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